SF Carnaval 1995 - Samba Mundial

This was the first year that a contingent called Samba Mundial participated in the SF Carnaval parade.  The group was founded by Jeff Taylor (Jeta) who partnered with Anita Lusebrink to run the dance side of things.  He then called Brad Hamilton (the author) as the two had worked together in the group "Samba Time" that played weekly at Peña Moai in East Palo Alto's Whiskey Gulch (and later when it became Alberto's in Mountain View) back in 1989 to 1992.  He also called Jeff Hanson (Samba teacher at De Anza Community College and recording engineer for our Enredos from 2004 to present), and Jimmy Biala who later founded SambAsia in San Francisco, Taiwan, and Beijing!

Enredo by Jeff Taylor

Costumes by Anita Lusebrink

Choreography by Anita Lusebrink

Artwork by Anita Lusebrink

Colors = Yellow and Blue

T-Shirt Artwork