SF Carnaval 1996 - Samba Mundial

I'm afraid I haven't been able to find much here!  I still have the costume on the wall in my back house, and maybe I'll get a photo of it up  some day!  It was the second and final year of the original Samba Mundial.  Anita Lusebrink had left and joined Brazil Culture and Arts.  After this year, Jeff "Jeta" Taylor stopped doing Samba and went back to teaching Afro-Cuban only.  What was left of the bateria joined Brazil Culture and Arts the next year in 1997 (Brad Hamilton, Peter Howel, Tom Pressburger, Craig Bright).  Brazil Culture and Arts had it's own contingent and was teamed up with Aquarela.  I don't know if Beicola was using the Sambão Para O Povo name.

Enredo - by Jeff Taylor