SF Carnaval 2012 - Samba Mundial

Enredo 2012 - "Abre Seu Portão Dourado – Open Your Golden Gate"    [Enredo Page]    [Listen]

Enredo written by Mestre Wagner Bueno (Vaguinho) 

Recorded by Brad Hamilton and Luis Dib

Choreography by Sandy Del Rio

Colors = Dominant Red, with Yellow and Blue (Parrot Motif)

T-Shirt = Charcoal Grey

Artwork by Carla Cruttenden

Float = Banner (see below) with Parrot Motif Festooning

Rainha de Bateria = Collen Cruttenden

Porta Bandeira and Mestre Sala = Anita Lusebrind and Don Farrell in Rio made costumes
donated by Aki Ueno.

T-Shirt Artwork

Float Banner Artwork

2012 SF Carnaval Samba Mundial Contingent Info Map

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