2013: The Roots of Samba / Drumming from the Soul
Our colors: green, black and natural leopard print.
2013 Bateria Queen (Jeanne Reyes),
Porta Bandeira (tbd)
(note: everyone pays a participation fee & all groups are placed in a certain spot within our lineup. everyone must attend dress rehearsal on sat. 5/25)
Ogun warrior dancers: dancers who can make it to rehearsals & want to do choreography.It is said that Ogun was the first orisha to show up in the human realm. The drums celebrated him, evolved to celebrate others & all of this contributed & evolved into the samba beats that we know & love today. Estimated costume cost is $150.00. Does not include leopard top & nude shoes. Costume designed by Sandy & made in Rio by Silvia Bastos a costume maker for several of the major league samba schools.
BAIANAS: ladies in hoop skirt outfits, or other full skirts who typically spin their way down the avenue. You can coordinate with each other to wear long white skirts and accent with our colors or get more elaborate if you wish. You don't have to come to rehearsals.
GREEN & LEOPARD FREESTYLERS:for those who can't make it to rehearsals, but want to parade. this can be a group in our school t-shirt if there are enough dancers.
GREEN & LEOPARD FREESTYLING PASSISTAS: for those who want to show skin & do more of a solo act / to dance with the freestylers/ all bikini & feathers costumes must match w. our colors. It's important that passistas joining from other schools leave any special queen, princess or other sashes at home since we'll have our own chosen queen.
MEN: yes, of course, men welcome.
FLOAT: tbd on whether we have a kid float this year or not. It's mainly for children of the dancers.
OTHER GROUPS: If anyone knows of a dance group that'd like to join, they're welcome. It's important that they wear green & leopard or our school t-shirts, and understand the flow of being in a parade (not mind being asked to run occasionally). They will be placed in a specific spot in our lineup. They'd also need a main contact person to stay in touch with us and all are required to attend the dress rehearsal on Sat. May 25.
Special Thanks: to Aki for doing our costume coordinating and to Silvia Bastos in Rio for making them