Bom San Francisco Carnaval 2013 Gente!

G.R.E.S. Samba Mundial, Silicon Valley's samba school, is a non-profit organization dedicated to community participation.  Samba Mundial's dancers and musicians perform traditional Brazilian-inspired movements and percussive sounds.

The group welcomes new dancers and musicians of all ages, beginning or advanced.  Samba Mundial offers an enjoyable and encouraging experience for all.  So come join in the fun and excitement!  Shake those hips!  Play that conga!  Move those feet!  And don't forget to join us in the annual San Francisco Carnaval Parade as well as other gala events and performances!

What the heck does "G.R.E.S." mean"?

The initials G.R.E.S. stand for Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba which is Portugues for Recreational Group Samba School.  The initials are used in front of the names of the the major Samba schools in Rio.  A Samba "school" goes all year round, includes both dancers and drummers, and creates an original production annually for Carnaval (in our case San Francisco's Carnaval).  Every year Samba Mundial creates an new "enredo" or theme song for Carnaval, and since we work all year round with drummers and dancers, we use G.R.E.S. in front of our name. 

Our 2013 Artwork (Created by Vauginho Bueno and interpreted by Carla Cruttenden)


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