In the beginning...

[Ed. Note:  The following content was found in the file folders of a box of archives that has been passed from person to person as the organization's leadership has changed.  It was written by Joanne Brion at a time unknown to the writer.]

Jorge Duarte started Sambão, which was originally Noe Valley Community Samba (NVCS) and associated with the health food store of a similar name where Jorge worked. NVCS was started in 1987. The original Board of Directors for NVCS included: 

            Jorge Duarte, President 

            Mary Ramos, Executive Director 

            Berna Alvarado-Rodriguiz, Secretary 

            Selina Williams, Treasurer

Roger Poirier, Bateria Manager, was instrumental in developing many of the themes for the group.  Other original members of NVCS were Maria Amabelis, Mirian Bertoldo, Carmen D’Arce, Benny Duarte (unrelated to Jorge), Dominique Isabeau, Marvin Montenegro, and Leslie Nicole.

In 1989, NVCS collaborated with several other samba groups for Amazonia Preciosa in the San Francisco Carnaval, including the following: 

            Escola de Samba Mexe Mexe with Elvira 

            Cola Samba Quente, with Kitty Rivera 

            Brazil Network with Celinha Brandao 

            Grupo Sencala Grande with Marcelo Pereira

If you have been in the samba scene for a number of years or since the 1980s, you have probably  worked with one or more of these individuals. NVCS and later Sambao followed the traditional Escolas de Samba of Rio, with a Commissao de Frente, Porto Bandeira and Mestre Sala. In 1989, there were five unmotorized floats in the traditional style of Rio as well. Sambao Para O Povo was created in 1990, and the non-profit status finalized with the State of California.

I hope you have enjoyed this little history of Sambão and that you carry on the passion, dreams, and commitment we shared together in creating Sambão Para O Povo.

Joanne Brion
Past Sambão Treasurer and President