2003 - "Oh Sambão"

G.R.E.S. Samba Mundial Enredo 2003

Here is everything you should need to learn the enredo for SF Carnaval 2003!    [Carnaval Page]

Here is an MP3 of the song:

"Oh Sambão"

Here is another MP3 of the same song with the tamborims turned up louder.
You may use this version to learn the "desenhos" or tamborim parts.

"Oh Sambão"" Tamborim Version 

Here are the Lyrics:  

MS Word Version (Chords Included) (Click to download a MS Word file).

Note:  This song was written and performed in English only, and thus no "translation" document was produced!

"Oh Sambão"
Sambão Enredo 2003

E     B         E
Oh, Sambão!
Music from Rio de Janeiro,
It's Samba!
Tamborim, e Repenique,
E Ganza!
B            E
Dancing Alas
Feel the Ginga, see the swing a
Million times!
Oh, Sambão.
Californios, Brasileiros,
E            B7
Oh, Sambão!

And we're playing the Pandeiro,
As we're dancing down the line.
Moving and Swaying to the Surdo,
As it's thumping out the time!
On the streets of Palo Alto,
San Jose, e San Francisco,
We play for Carnaval.
That is why this song's in English,
So that you can understand that,
We sing and dance for you!

Copy write 2003 Music and Lyrics by Brad Hamilton