*****NOTE*****   Might need projector  *******************************
I have lined up a "possible projector" for the party, but it is
not confirmed.  If you have access to a projector that we can borrow
for the weekend, please let me know (or bring it to class tonight).
I would need it on Thursday or Friday, to test before party.

Our post SF Carnaval parade celebration will take place
Saturday, July 13, 2013  at 6pm at Brad's House.

240 N 24th Street
San Jose, CA 95116

We will show videos of our parade performance on a big
screen in the back yard.  We can also play music and dance!
And of course, we'll have plenty of meat to eat off the BBQ.

This year, the party fall just one day before the actual Bastille Day (July 14th).
As always, we will also be celebrating French Independence Day!
Feel free to bring something French to the party!

We will provide plenty of meat (tri-tip, pork, maybe some chicken)
and a few salads, chips, and drinks.

What to bring:
-Drinks/Beer/Liquor (maybe a bag of ice, there will be cooler space)
-"Anything" French

If you are gluten free or vegetarian (Hindu word meaning "bad hunter")
you might want to bring your own protein source, just to be safe.  We
are sometimes able to have some vegi-burgers available, but it might
take some effort to get the BBQ masters to mind them!    :)

P.S.  Questions?  Send email up to Friday night.  You can try
to call on Saturday, but we may not hear the phone.