Join Samba Mundial

As a community based 501(c)3 Non-Profit Samba School, Samba Mundial always welcomes new dancers and musicians of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. We provide classes and performance opportunities, but we are also a social organization.  Our goal is to create a comfortable environment for everyone to learn, have fun, and even perform, but only if you want to!  Please check out our official long-form Mission Statement below.

Basically, there are two ways to join.

1. Take a drum class or a dance class (Wednesdays ALL YEAR ROUND!)

Drop in any time.  First class is always free, then join via membership.
For details, visit the Classes page.


2. Come to a rehearsal for the SF Carnaval Parade (Saturdays in April)

If you are new, preferably make the first one on the first Saturday in April.
But if you can't get there that day, come on any Saturday during April and May.  We'll find a roll for you!
For details, visit the Carnaval page.

Our Mission Statement

The school provides educational opportunities to the community by promoting Brazilian culture through music and dance.  To achieve this goal, the school provides on-going classes for participants to learn drumming and dancing appropriate to Brazilian art forms.  The school’s intention is to provide a fun and inclusive environment where enthusiasts from the entire SF Bay Area, particularly on the Peninsula and in the South Bay can participate in educational and public performance experiences such as parades, shows, and other community based events.  In the spirit of multi-culturalism, supported by its name “Samba Mundial” (World Samba) the school was formed to be inclusive, and to provide such opportunities to people of all backgrounds, interests and ability levels who wish to learn about Brazilian culture.