Images of Samba Mundial are scattered all over the place!

In recent years, many members have posted photo albums of our performances and events on their Facebook pages.  We have made and attempt to always "tag" these albums on the Samba Mundial Facebook Group page.  If you are on Facebook, and look for and join the Samba Mundial Group, you can find many images of the last few years.

We hope to install a photo gallery feature within this site, once we get the "user site" up and running.  Until then, please check out the following links for past photos of the group.

The following page is a list of links to past photo galleries and albums.  Please note that many folks posted photos to sites such as Kodak, Shutterfly, Photozig, Flickr, and Snapfish.  Many of these galleries have been deleted, some by the user, and some by these sites moving to a fee based system.  We apologize for not deleted all of the invalid links, however, many of even the really old ones still work.  So, it may be a little frustrating, but by clicking through this large collection of links, you can find some real gems!

Photo Page (on Music Is Healing)

For a seriously "archived" vintage set of images, check out the photo page from the original "Sambão" web site.

Original Sambão Para O Povo Web Site Photo Page